How Tantra can Help with Trauma

1447035393_staff_512_56400201d9ef1_tnOf the many reasons people decide to get tantric massages, trauma in the past can actually be one of the most common ones. There are many people all over London who have such a hard time dealing with any situation in their past (it doesn’t have to be sexual) that it’s no wonder that one out of ten London dwellers have reported suffering from anxiety and other trauma related disorders. Even though medication is a great help for some people it simply doesn’t mean that you can take a pill and everything will just get better. Sometimes you need a little extra help and tantric massage London is a great way to get you back to where you want to be. It’s surprising to some but tantric massages actively work on dealing with past trauma simply by showing someone the following:

  • You’re in control at all times. Unlike trauma and anxiety where it feels like your body is completely in control of you and there is nothing you can do getting a tantric massage gives all the control to the client. They can set boundaries, ask for things they want and if at any point they feel overwhelmed they can even ask the masseuse to stop or slow down.
  • Receiving pleasure reminds you that feeling good is possible. Often ties we get so used to feeling below par that we just assume that feeling ill or sad is all there is. Getting a tantric massage in London means you’ll be actively receiving pleasure in huge amounts and it can serve as a reminder that not only are you allowed to feel this good but that you can achieve it on your own whenever you feel it’s necessary.
  • Teaches you how to calm down: Often times panic attacks and anxiety attacks can be prevented if they’re caught in time. Tantric massages help you because they teach you how breathing is your best ally when it comes to controlling your body and the immediate responses that it has toward something. That way you’ll be learning how to breath for pleasure even when not in the masseuse’s determined hands.