How to find and book transsexual escorts in London

screenshot showing the bad escort listings on cracker

When searching for your next escorting encounter, the internet is your best friend. With an endless amount of Transsexual listings for you to browse and enjoy, it’s remarkably easy for you to find and book a Shemale in London, even on short notice.Unfortunately in this regard, the internet is also your worst enemy. With such a vast chasm of websites and courtesan profiles to fall into, how do you know which London transsexual escort service is worth booking from?

That is what we shall be covering in this article today. Read on if you would like some sound advice from an experienced punter who knows the London industry in and out.

TS escorts: How to find a good one

Home page screen shot of Shemale Punt

The Shemale Punt directory doesn’t have too many listings, but they are all good.

Finding a decent tranny to book isn’t as hard as you might think. If you have any experience dealing with female escorts, you should actually find this industry much easier. Most importantly, you need some high quality Shemale escort resources to aid you in your search. Here’s a couple if you don’t have any already:

Shemale Punt:

  • Shemale Punt is an escort directory with a host of TS London escorts to pick from.
  • I use this site because they tend to be picky about who they list.
  • Good for shopping to find your next provider.


  • Cracker is a clone of the backpage website, offers lots of listings in its transsexual section.
  • Get on cracker if you want listings that have been put up today.
  • Relatively useful for scouting out escorts but a lot of untrustworthy providers, book with caution.

Familiarise yourself with these two sites if you need a good place to find and shop for your next TS escorts in London. They should help you if you’re in a pinch and looking for an incall or outcall on the same day.

A few tips on spotting the good TS escort providers

Before you run off and jump on the above websites thinking you can just pick out any tranny and meet success and satisfaction, here’s how I spot the good providers. Shopping for an amazing Shemale that’s going to take your breath away and blow your mind takes a bit of time and skill. If you’re concerned about getting ripped off or getting a poor service, follow these bullet points and you should be okay.

screenshot showing the bad escort listings on cracker

Do not book escorts using the special characters highlighted in red. You have been warned.

  • Avoid advertisement listing with ridiculous characters. You will see these stupid emoticons on backpage and cracker in the title a LOT. Avoid these providers like the plague, the only thing exceptional about these London escorts is they refuse to use English correctly.
  • If you find a transsexual escort you might want to book, always give them an introduction call and express your interest. This is an opportunity to ask some extra questions and iron out the fine details before actually decided to make an appointment.
  • Lastly, scrounge up some reviews if you can. Any escort worth her salt will have left a footprint online. If you can lay your eyes on a few of her previous customers with a bit of nifty researching, that’s useful knowledge to have before you make any final decisions.