I have a very vivid memory of being a young woman in a relationship. I remember that the day the relationship ended my 16 year old boyfriend pulled me aside during lunch and called me a word that I would learn to loathe: Needy. That word has stuck with me forever and even later in life whenever someone called me needed I quickly assumed the worst was about to happen. I began to repress that part of myself that felt the need to be hugged, kissed, and paid attention to and all those things that are considered negative in other people’s eyes. The result was obvious… I was very sad and deeply repressed. I was scared to let people in and let them see the real me – I didn’t want to be seen as “weak” or “needy”. I had built a wall to keep myself “safe”… and yet I knew if I ever wanted to be happy I couldn’t keep this up forever.

I had my first tantric massage in London once I read up on what being ‘needy’ actually meant. The truth was that I wasn’t needy because there was something wrong with me but because I had a deep desire to connect with others and not be judged for it. My entire body, my inner being craved to be held,. To be gazed upon and because we’ve been taught to be so individualistic I had been lead to believe I was some kind of anomaly but what tantric massage taught me was that my needs were not just valid but completely normal. When I was being massaged I didn’t feel the need to be touched because I was being touched, I didn’t need to be held because I was being held. I no longer beg people for attention because I don’t have to, I voice my needs and if someone doesn’t respond I recognize they are the ones energetically repressed, not me.

If you are longing to connect more deeply with others and awaken to the pleasure available in your body, then tantric massage London are definitely the way to do that. I’ve never regretted my experiences and I assure you that you won’t regret yours.